Bring Me The Horizon Fan Shared His Story of How The Band Saved Him.

I received an Email from a reader of this blog this evening. I feel good after reading it. The email was all about how he fell in love with Bring Me The Horizon and how the band saved his life. Being a  huge BMTH fan myself, I could relate to a lot of stuff he wrote on the email. So I asked him if I could share his story on my blog. He responded quickly with “Sure, why not.”

This made me think of a cool idea for this blog. “Why not create a new section for this blog where fans can share their fanfictions or stories and experience of their favorite bands and idols”. I think this is a cool idea, So, I am accepting your stories to be published in this blog. You can write me at contact.upfeedy@gmail.com.

He shared his story of how he fell in love with Bring Me The Horizon’s music. Readout his journey of becoming a die-hard fan of Oliver Sykes & Bring Me The Horizon in his own words below:

“I am from a small city in India. I am a socially awkward and a little sky kind of person. The only way I can fight with my daily problems is by listening to music and I feel lucky that I discovered Bring Me The Horizon that morning.

It was a cold and lazy morning when I open my eyes and tried to get ready for college. I used to listen to music every day before getting ready for college because it would boost my confidence which would help me to fight my social fears. I had no internet connection that time. So, the only way to listen to new music was to tune in to ‘VH1 channel’ on my TV.

I think there was a show called ‘Rock Rules’ and I would watch that so every day. And that was the only way I could discover new bands & music.

I was wearing a college uniform, suddenly the music from the TV caught my attention. That was the song “Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon”. But when I started listening to the song, the song had only like 1 minute left.  I could only catch a few catchy lines from the songs. The music and the few lines from the songs started playing in my hard.

Only I knew how mad I was for not getting a chance to listen to the full songs. And I couldn’t even reply it.

It was time for college, so I picked my bag and start walking for college. It was dark and cold morning. I was walking with just that song playing in my heard. The music and the lines “Can you feel, Can you feel my Heart?”.

Believe me or not, that song keeps playing in my head all morning in the college.  I just wanted to put the song on my playlist anyhow. But I only knew the title of the song, I forget the band name. Then I keep on watching the show on the Tv for a few days. But I couldn’t find the song.

Then days passed, I keep listening to some old Linkin Park and Eminem songs that I had in my phone through my friend’s phone via Bluetooth. My phone was very old. So, I had no way to use data or wifi.”

But one day, I went to a friend’s house and he had a computer and a working internet connection.  He taught me how to download music. And the first thing I did was listened to “Can you feel my heart ” and I discovered Bring Me The Horizon.

I searched for the name of the Band members. I found their Images. The lead vocalist was Oliver Sykes. I noted the member’s name on a paper. Then I downloaded all of their songs. I liked their songs from Sempiternal but didn’t really like the older stuff because I hadn’t listened to metalcore songs.

But after hearing it for some days. Then, this band becomes my f**king idol. I listen to them usually every day.

I want to say thank you Bring Me The Horizon for your music. You can’t even imagine how much your music helped me to fight each and every day. I completed the college because I was excited I could listen to your music on the way to college which would help me to make it possible for the college and deal with my fears. I love you guys so much.

I searched a lot of quotes by Oli Sykes and his thoughts are very much powerful and Lifesaving.

[I would like to apologize if my English is not good. I am from a 3rd world country so I am still trying to improve my English.] ”

What do you think about his Journey of being a fan of Bring Me The Horizon? Do let us know in the comments section below. If you have your own story related to your favorite bands, you can write to us at contact.upfeedy@gmail.com