Find out the Song Meaning of Bring Me The Horizon’s Second Single “Wonderful Life”.

“Wonderful Life” is the second single from the British rock band Bring Me The Horizon’s upcoming album Amo. Fans are really enjoying the new taste of music. The song also features Dani Filth which makes the song a huge treat for us.

Bring me the Horizon usually talks about Depression & loneliness with their dark lyrics and this song is no different. The lyrics of “Wonderful Life” talks about the lead vocalist Oliver Sykes battling with stress and loneliness.

“Wonderful Life” is about troubles of life and loneliness faced by Oliver Sykes in his early 30s. He explains beautifully how his life is full of boredom and sadness through the song. The song also refers to getting out of touch with friends with times and missing the beautiful moments of the past.

Check out “Wonderful Life” lyrics video below :

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