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How To Lose Weight at Home in Just 7 Days.

Do you want to get rid of your body fat and feel healthy and active? Well, here are few simple weight loss ideas to lose your body weight fast at home.

Best part?

It doesn’t cost you any money at all. All you need to succeed on your weight loss Journey is a strong “Will Power” and a “Vision”.

If you have these 2 things then you are ready to lose weight with the weight loss rules and methods you will read later in this post.


People often dare to lift 100 KGs of weight to lose weight, Ignoring the dead simple things that will help them to lose weight.

And that is:

A strong will power and a mindset to lose weight.

Sounds like a fancy spiritual thing. Right?

But it’s nothing more than a first step into the long way of weight loss. And we will take one step at a time. And it will work like this only.

It doesn’t work like:

I will get a gym membership and lose weight the next day.

You will need a solid plan and rules that you need to follow which are simple, yet, effective

So, without further ado, Let’s lose some weight:

Drink Clean Water Frequently:

Drinking water may sounds like a “hah! everybody knows that” thing but if you dig in deeper, you will find a lot of benefits.

It helps you to keep hydrated and after a long workout drinking water frequently prevents your body cells to die, which may have caused other serious issue.

Overall, Drinking plenty of water time to time helps to keep you healthy and supports to lose weight.

Fruits & Vegetables:

While you are on a journey of losing weight, you have to transform yourself into a vegan.

Say no to meat and dairy products.

Why? Because eating these dairy products and meats will make you fat.

Instead, get some fresh vegetables and fruits on your refrigerator, and include them on your meal.

You can also grab a bottle of fruit drinks and enjoy tasty juice while keeping in shape.

Walk Daily:

You don’t have to run a marathon and do all the toughest workout, thinking it will make you instantly fit and slim.

Walking on a treadmill or walking on the park daily will help you to stay in shape quickly.

Forget about your comfy cars, walk your way to the office on foot. Forget about the fancy lifts, walk up to your office using stairs.

Walking has proven, time and again, the best solution to lose fat.

Whats more?

Walking helps to circulate blood all over your body and mind, which results in more energy, increase in will powers, removes brain fogs and helps you to achieve your goal of being fit more quickly.

You better start walking right after reading this blog post. *wink*

Stop eating Junk Food:

Are you a junk food lover? Do you like to eat some fries , burgers and pizza when your stomach gives you a miss call?

Well, I have good news and bad news for you.

Good news is: The food items are easily available and you have a variety of choices on your budget.

And the bad news is:

You are going towards the dead end of your journey. The journey of becoming healthy and fit [ Ultimately losing weight ]

Eating junk food affects your health and your chances of losing weight comes to 0.

Instead do this:

Get some packets of different nuts and put them on a bowl. Grab a fist full of nuts and eat them when you feel hungry.

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Wake up & Sleep on Time:

Are you a night owl? Do you wake up late in the morning?

Then, this might be the reason , you are not losing weight.

If you don’t sleep and wake up on time, then Scientifical facts also proves that you are losing more weight and becoming more unhealthy.

But don’t worry, here’s the solution:

Find your ideal sleep cycle and wake up cycle of your body.

Just remove TV & mobile from your bedroom, also remove anything that distracts you from falling asleep.

Install a dim night light on your room and turn it on when it’s time to sleep, so your body /mind knows it’s time to sleep.

Then take a note of the time when you fall asleep easily and wake up feeling refreshed.

That’s your sleep and ‘wake up’ cycle of the body.

Now, that you have found it, it’s time to sleep on time and wake up as well. This will help you to lose weight and feel healthier than ever before.


Don’t set so many weight loss set list, you will either get loss of the track or just get overwhelmed by the work needed to be done. Take one step at a time and follow these simple yet effective tips for just 7 days, you will feel that you have started losing weight and feel more better.