Is Elon Musk A Huge Fan Of Bring Me The Horizon?

Bring Me The Horizon‘s Oliver Sykes has recently released a Jacket through his Clothing Line Drop Dead. The Jacket features a line “We Feed The Simulation” written on the back of it which was inspired by the multi-billionaire Elon Musk.

Earlier, Elon Musk had claimed that Humanity is living in a Simulation. Inspired by his opinion, Oliver Sykes has released a new Jacket through his Clothing Line.

You can check out the Jacket below:


Elon Musk is the founder of big companies like Tesla, Space X, Paypal, Solar City and more successful companies which has a vision of changing the world and making our Future better. Recently, Elon Musk took to Twitter to share the picture of the “We Feed The Simulation” jacket with a caption “Bring Me The Horizon”.


Looks like Elon Musk has been banging to Bring Me The Horizon musk from some time and we can assume from his Tweet that he is loving the new Jacket.

Oliver Sykes also quickly responded to Elon Musk’s Tweet writing ” Hope you like you @DropDeadUK jacket, you inspired it.”



If you are not aware, Elon Musk is currently dating ‘Grimes’ who is featured in Bring Me The Horizon’s Upcoming Album ‘Amo’ which is set to be released on Jan 11, 2019. What do you think about this article? Do let us know in the Comment Section below.