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This Marvel Fan Just Revealed a Fan Theory for ‘Avengers 4’ Full of Shocking Twists.

While most of the fans are busy with Doctor Strange and the Quantum Realm with Time Travel fan theory, one of the Marvel fans came up with out of the box yet hilarious fan theory.

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According to the fan, he linked Avengers 4’s storyline with Spiderman Homecoming which resulted in a twisted plot with hilarious storylines. His fan theory and spoilers will definitely give you chills down your spines.

Check out the fan theory in his own words.

Marvel has been claiming that ‘Avengers 4’ will be even more shocking! The shocking part is revealed!

Thanos was collecting all the infinity stone because he was told to do so.

The shocking part is Stan Lee was the mastermind behind all this.

In Avengers 4, you will see Stan Lee using his infinity stone powers to torture all the Avengers!

And stan lee is doing so because He was in a deep sleep one day and suddenly a car started blowing up horns.. and the sounds behind it were caused by Spiderman.. remember the scene from Spiderman homecoming? (Don’t make me come down there you punk)

Stan Lee didn’t react much at that scene because he wanted to take revenge in the most brutal way!

Sorry for spoiling the movie that you guys were waiting with so much excitement.

God forgive me for all my sins!  

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