Twenty One Pilots Has Reached A Huge Milestone. Unbelievable!

We are super excited to announce that Twenty One Pilots’ latest album Trench has reached a huge Milestone.

Can you guess?

The 2018 album, Trench, has sold over 1 million units worldwide.

According to the source, Trench has been sold over 1,079,000 times which is a huge achievement for the band.

5,740 copies were sold every single day since the day it was released.

Trench has received a lot of praises and support from the fans.. Considering the fact that the band was not releasing any material since the 2015 album Blurry face, fans were eager to listen to new music.

After the release of Trench after 3 years of previous release, no wonder Trench was going to be a huge achievement for the band.

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